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Shuffle Lessons

If you are interested in learning how to shuffle, I offer lessons to suit your needs and stage of development. Whether you are brand new to shuffling, or looking to build on your current knowledge, I would love to get you where you want to be. As a certified ballet instructor, I have both a technical understanding of dance and the ability to teach through demonstration and guidance. With over 3 years of experience teaching Shuffling and Cutting Shapes, I take great care in training my students, and adjust my teaching styles based on their needs. I teach locally in Toronto, and I am available for bookings Monday-Friday after 6:00pm and anytime on weekends. Starting July 2019 I will have open availability for lessons. My philosophy is that if you stay dedicated, you can achieve anything you set out to learn - and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way!

I recommend a steady 2-3 lessons for the basics, 4-6 lessons for intermediate and 7-10 lessons for an advanced knowledge of Shuffling. This is of course based on the progress of the student, and how much you practice in between sessions.

Private Lessons

I offer single session Private Lessons to target learning and development in specific areas. Each class depends on the stage of the student, but I usually start with beginners. I teach a combination of technique and foundational movement, along with routines and choreography for intermediate and advanced stages.

Single Session Prices:

$90.00 (1 hour)

$160.00 (2 hours)


Shuffling, like any art form involves time, practice and ultimately commitment. If you are looking for a long term development plan, I offer packages of lessons that can be scheduled in advance, or as you go.

Package Prices:

3 Lessons - $255.00

5 Lessons - $420.00

8 Lessons - $640.00

*All packages include 1 hour lessons, and expire within 6 months

Group lessons

I offer group lessons in Toronto occasionally, which are very general classes to target basic shuffling technique. They are a great introduction to the dance form. If you are interested, please follow my page on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming offerings.